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Texas Employee Bradley Jones Sues State Rep. Patricia Harless for Months of Office Taser Pranks

Bradley Jones, a 45-year-old employee at a Fred Fincher Motors in Houston, has sued a local Texas lawmaker for months of Taser attacks considered by his peers to be pranks. Jones charges these attacks were painful, humiliating, and constant for nine months. In total, he claims there were two dozen incidents.

His boss, Sam Harless, provided the stun gun for the office. Sam Harless is the spouse of State Rep. Patricia Harless, who co-owns the dealership. Both are named in the lawsuit as well as two employees.

"I was constantly looking behind my shoulder, distracted, couldn’t sleep," says Jones. "I would even look behind my shower curtain at home."

Jones says he couldn’t quit because he needed the money to buy a home.

A video of the pranks was posted on Youtube but has since been taken down. Sam Harless is often the man holding the camera.

Jones, who was fired just two weeks ago, has since sued for assault, battery, and the failure to provide a safe workplace environment.

Harless, for his part, denies the allegations. He claims, “I’m just happy that I’m an American and I’m in a country where the justice system works. This is a frivolous lawsuit -- once the facts come out, it will be thrown out.”

Sources: KHOU, Newser


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