Texas Elementary School Student Charged With Indecent Exposure


An elementary school student in Katy, Texas, was charged with indecent exposure this week, according to the Katy Independent School District.

Parents received a letter from school district officials on Wednesday to notify of the alleged indecent act.

The student, who was caught masturbating in front of other students in class at Mayde Creek Elementary, is now facing a class B misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure.

"On March 5, school officials at Mayde Creek Elementary were notified of an alleged act of indecent exposure by a student in a fifth grade classroom,” the school district said in a statement. “The parents of the students known to have witnessed this inappropriate conduct were contacted following the incident."

The school district did not disclose how the student was punished.

The student’s case was referred to the district attorney, who accepted the charges.

A Tennessee school district made waves last month when it was accused of assigning a book on masturbating to fourth graders.

The allegation turned out to be a rumor started by conservative standup comic Victoria Jackson, who is running for county commissioner in Williamson County, Tenn.

Sourcse: KPRC Houston, Daily Caller


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