Texas Earthworms Pile Into The Middle of the Road Like Meatballs

Something strange has lined the road in Texas’ Eisenhower State Park: several piles of earthworms tangled together in a straight line.

Though scientists aren’t exactly sure of the cause, it’s believed that recent flooding throughout the state probably contributed to the unusual behavior, which has been described as “herding.”

“We’re still puzzled why they decided to line up in the middle of the road,” Park Superintendent Ben Herman said. “Even our biologist doesn’t know why they’re spaced so well and in the line.”

Some have speculated that the worms moved to the middle of the road because it can sometimes be higher than the sides of the road, therefore avoiding the water. A second theory attributes the behavior to the avoidance of predators, since the worms might have thought the sound of the rain was a threat.

“We were all fascinated by what happened,” Herman said. “It was pretty entertaining to watch the worms do their thing.”

The worms have since returned to the dirt, the state park noted on Tuesday. The only remaining evidence of the event is worm manure on the road.

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Sources: The Blaze, RT / Photo Credit: RT


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