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Road Rage Video Goes Viral: Man Spits On Car, Shouts 'Black Power' (Video)

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A 23-year-old driver was caught on camera spitting on the front windshield of a car, shouting “black power” and flashing his middle fingers in a fit of road rage while a mother and her 4-year-old daughter were inside.

Austin, Texas resident Rashaad Ben was filmed earlier this month getting out of his vehicle and approaching 39-year-old Julie Nowlin’s car. Nowlin was sitting in her car with her 4-year-old daughter when Ben suddenly spit on her front windshield, shouted “black power,” and used several profanities. He then pointed his middle fingers at Nowlin and went back to his car. Nowlin captured the entire incident on her cell phone and later uploaded it to YouTube. The woman claimed that Ben had pulled over three different times on the same stretch of road and became angry because she had tried to take a picture of his license plate.

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Ben later apologized for what happened – saying that watching the video taught him a lesson.

“I came here to apologize to my family and Mrs. Nowlin and to the community for acting the way I did and for my obscene language and obscene behavior,” he said. The young man said the incident taught him to “not let your anger get the best of you because it could get you in trouble or it could have someone hurt. And to just let things go. It's not that serious.”

Ben was involved in a similar incident last month in which he spit in a woman’s face inside a store during an argument. He also has a long history of criminal behavior that includes 20 arrests for drunk driving, theft, resisting arrest, marijuana possession and other offenses.

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“When I saw him apologizing and acting like you know that this was his first time and that it's not in his character, yes it is,” Charlotte Cross, the woman who was involved in the previous spitting incident with Ben, said. “He needs to be behind bars because it's going to turn into something worse and someone is going to end up getting hurt.”

Watch the incident below.

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