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Man Fights Back After DMV Revokes 'Offensive' License Plate (Video)

The Department of Motor Vehicles in Houston, Texas, has reportedly revoked a man’s license plate because they felt that it was “offensive,” and now, the man is fighting back.

Safer Hassan says he’s had his license plate for more than three years without any issues, but recently, he received a letter in the mail explaining that his plate would be canceled in 30 days due to its “offensive” nature. The license plate reads, “370H55V” and when flipped upside could look like the word “asshole.”

Hassan, however, maintains that he didn’t get the plate with any intentions of it having a derogatory hidden meaning.

“I had it for more than three years without any problem,” Hassan told KPRC. “People have no idea what that plate means. My closest friends don’t even know. They may have just searched similar type plates.”

Despite the DMV’s notice, Hassan says he plans to make an official appeal.

Sources: Fox 8 Cleveland, Click 2 Houston / Photo Source: Fox 8 Cleveland


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