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Texas Department of Public Safety Freed Undocumented Immigrants, Says Farmer

Lee Adams, a farmer in McCook, Texas, claims that the Texas Department of Public Safety troopers detained and released about 20 people suspected of being undocumented immigrants on Saturday.

Adams called the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) when he saw “a lot of activity” on his rural property.

Several DPS troopers arrived and detained a group of people who may have crossed the Texas-Mexico border illegally, but let them go in less than an hour, which rubbed Adams the wrong way.

“They said there’s nothing they can do, the only thing they could do was detain them for 30 minutes and they’ve been there for 45. Which I don’t agree with, I think all law enforcement agencies should work together,” Adams told The Brownsville Herald.

Adams didn't give up. He called a local deputy, who found 27 people still on the farmer's land. The deputy held the people for criminal trespass until U.S. Border Patrol agents picked them up for possible immigration violations.

“The constable’s service needs some help out here. When we, the public, want law enforcement, you’re not just thinking about constable or sheriff’s department or Highway Patrol or Border Patrol. You’re thinking about all of them together. And that’s the problem, they’re not working together,” said Adams.

A Border Patrol agent on the scene said he could not answer questions about the incident, while a DPS spokesman said the undocumented immigrants were the Border Patrol’s responsibility.

Source: The Brownsville Herald


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