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Texas Decal Company Advertises With Image Of Bound Woman Curled Up In Bed Of A Truck

A Texas marketing and advertising company sparked outrage when it designed a truck decal that makes it appear as though a bound woman is lying helpless in the bed of a truck.

Some drivers noticed the vehicle and called police.

The truck belongs to an employee of Hornet Signs. The Waco company said the decal is a test to see if they can convince people that their car wrap advertisements are real.

“I wasn’t expecting the reactions that we got,” said Brad Kolb, the owner of Hornet Signs. “Nor was it anything we condone or anything else, but it was just something more or less that we just had to put out there and see who notices it.”

He said that the woman on the decal is an employee who posed with her hands and feet tied.

While the company claims the decal was simply to get attention, an offended pulic took to their Facebook page Saturday claiming the image makes light of sexual assault.

“Your little decal promoting the violence and subjegation of women, is disturbing, to say the least,” said Marna Foss.

“After posting a picture of the kind of signage that seems to support and even encourage human sex trafficking, abuse and assault of women, and any number of other crimes as being something funny and possibly marketable for a are still asking people to offer a review for Google+. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I intend to share...NOT LIKE,” posted Cindy Claudle-Dean.

“YOUR company is a disgrace to mankind!!! to even think that this was cute is revolting!!!! I hope you lose all your business!!!!” wrote Julie Dunagan.

Some point out that not all exposure is good exposure.

“Dear Business Owner, You may ‘think’ that even negative publicity is good for your business, but I predict that that ‘business philosophy’ will backfire,” said Kathy Maiden Atwater.

Sources: Raw Story, KTEM News


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