Texas Couple Indicted For Gruesome Killing Of Daughter


A Texas mother and stepfather have been indicted on capital murder charges for the gruesome death of their pregnant, special needs daughter.

A Lubbock County grand jury indicted Debi Bryant Holland, 38, and James Holland, 39, on July 1 for the February 10 death of 18-year-old Holli Jeffcoat, Everything Lubbock reports.

Jeffcoat, who reportedly had the mind of a child, told school officials days before she was murdered that she had been sexually abused and impregnated by her stepfather James.

James began sexually abusing Jeffcoat when she was 12, according to court documents, KCBD reports.

A pregnancy test confirmed Jeffcoat was with child when she was murdered, according to court documents, Everything Lubbock reports.

"Debi Holland was aware that Holli [Jeffcoat] was pregnant by James Holland prior to January 29 and instructed Holli not to tell anyone and thus aided James Holland in the continuing molestation of Holli,” Debi’s arrest warrant stated.

“When specifically asked whether mom knew about James and Holli having sex, Holli said yes. Mom told her not to tell anyone because mom needed James to pay the bills,” the warrant continued.

Jeffcoat also told school officials that Debi did not want her to have the baby, according to KCBD.

“James was going to take the baby out with a coat hanger,” she said.

When Jeffcoat's body was found in the family’s home, her throat was cut and her uterus was removed. A fire was started by her killer in an attempt to cover up evidence.

James was charged on March 10 with continuous sexual abuse of a child who was not Jeffcoat, but an underage girl she was related to, Everything Lubbock states.

Debi was charged on April 29 with aggravated sexual assault for allegedly facilitating the sexual abuse of Jeffcoat by James.

The capital murder indictment for Debi and James states that Jeffcoat's unborn child was stabbed or cut to death with a sharp object while in utero.

James and Debi have also been indicted by the grand jury on sexual abuse charges.

Sources: Everything Lubbock, KCBD / Photo credit: Lubbock Co. Detention Center via Everything Lubbock

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