Texas Cops Using Firearm Simulator for Training

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Police officers in Texas are getting high-tech training in how to deal with potential dangerous situations using a firearm simulator.

KGBT-TV reports that officers in the Rio Grande Valley city of Edinburg have been using the state-of-the-art equipment courtesy of the Texas Municipal Police Association.

The station reports:

In one scenario, police face a disgruntled employee. Another scenario is of a domestic dispute where a woman will not put down a beer bottle and threatens to use it as a weapon.

While the police are put through these real-life tests, a person in the back controls what happens in the scene depending on how the police reacts. For example, if the police is aggressive, the suspect in the scenario may be even more combative prompting officers to react effectively.

"Whether it’s in verbal commands or using less lethal options like pepper spray or taser or using guns interacting in real life scenarios but in the confines of a classroom environment where it's a safe environment so that they can make the best decisions they can possibly make on the street,” said Noel Johnson of the Police Association.


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