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Texas Cop Who Pulled Over George Zimmerman Will Be Investigated

Trouble seems to follow George Zimmerman wherever he goes. In this case, some of it might have rubbed off on the Texas police officer who pulled him over for speeding Sunday.

According Fox News Dallas-Fort Worth:

“The City of Forney plans to question the police officer who pulled over George Zimmerman because the officer reportedly took a picture with his personal phone during the stop.

“The Forney city manager told FOX4 the officer is not under investigation, but officials are looking into a claim the officer took a picture of Zimmerman's driver's license.

“The sound of an iPhone camera ‘click' can be heard on dashcam footage while the officer was in his squad car calling in Zimmerman's driver's license information.

“After that you can hear the 'unlock' sound and typing on the keyboard.”

Fox News added that law enforcement experts told the station it’s not uncommon for officers to take pictures in the field and send them to supervisors for advice and assistance. However, postulates that it could be Zimmerman’s celebrity that compelled the cop to snap a picture:

“Taking phone photos is a common thing during celebrity sightings for the average person, and it wouldn't be unusual if a police officer wanted a photo of Zimmerman or his vehicle for his personal memorabilia. But it could also prove dangerous for the recently acquitted man if the an officer took such a photo and then released it on social media, where others who wanted to harm him would know what he was driving and his tag number.

“National news agencies carried the dash cam video by the Forney police officer, however, so even if the Texas police officer did release the photo via social media he couldn't do much more harm to the not guilty murder suspect than they did.”

Sources: Fox News,


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