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Texas Cop Violently Detains 'Assault Victim' (Video)

A police officer was recently caught on a cell phone video (below) violently detaining a woman whom the officer insisted was an assault victim, which she denied, in Rosenberg, Texas (video below).

The Free Thought project identities the woman as Sydney Tawater and the police officer as Adam Vasquez.

Tawater is filming some police officers standing outside her home when Vasquez tells her to go inside. When Tawater keeps filming, Vasquez orders her again to go inside.

Vasquez suddenly announces, "She's the one being assaulted."

Tawater replies: "No, I wasn’t assaulted. No, I wasn’t assaulted. I was not assaulted."

Vasquez enters Tawater's home, violently takes her into custody, and accuses Tawater of not cooperating with his investigation into her alleged victimization, which she repeatedly denies.

Vasquez repeatedly insists that Tawater had been assaulted.

On July 17, Tawater posted pictures of the bruises that she allegedly sustained from Vasquez on her Facebook page, and wrote, "Before i start recording they were fine with me being outside but when i grab my phone they get scared why dont you want anyone recording when you have your gun out?"

The Rosenberg Police Department has not issued a statement about the incident.

This isn't the first time that Rosenberg police has come under fire for an arrest that was caught on video.

The police department was sued by Christine and Steven Saenz in June for allegedly using excessive force on the couple in another video that was filmed in July 2014, reported KTRK.

According to Christine, the cops forced her and her husband out of their truck while they were sitting in front of their daughter's home after an argument.

The couple reportedly sustained concussions during their arrests.

"All I remember was fear, all I remember was fear," Christine told KTRK.

"It was like when a wrestler body slams you," she added. "I don't remember anything else."

Steven said: "I mean all I could feel was punches all over. My face was swollen up big time."

The Rosenberg Police Department refused to comment on the video, which went viral.

Sources: The Free Thought Project, Sydney Tawater/Facebook, KTRK / Photo Credit: Sydney Tawater/YouTube

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