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Texas Cop Uses Stun Gun On Man Dancing At Bus Stop (Video)

A video (below) has surfaced of a police officer in Austin, Texas, using a stun gun on a man who was dancing at a bus stop on Feb. 7.

The man was identified by the Austin Police Department as Nedialko Dimitrov, who was charged with public intoxication, evading detention and resisting arrest, KTBC reports.

The police released a statement about a video of the incident -- filmed by Victoria Watson -- that has gone viral on social media:

The Austin Police Department is aware of the video. As is standard protocol, the chain of command will review the report and all videos to determine if any policy violations occurred. Thank you for your patience as we work through this process.

Watson told the news station why she started filming the incident:

I didn't feel good about the situation, so I started recording ... From my side of it, I didn't see the person doing anything aggressive or violent, so I was just really concerned ... Everything was OK until the officer interrupted his routine, by not letting him get on this bus.

Watson said an unidentified woman originally called the police on Dimitrov: "She had had an interaction with the person at the bus stop and he was saying things that were inappropriate and also giving people the middle finger."

Dimitrov is listed as an assistant professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Texas.

"This young man was seriously unbalanced, you could see that just from his behavior," Watson told the news station. "But the officer didn't know how to respond to that. It would be nice to see a lesson learned, and maybe even have different policies in play, so that situations like this don't occur and no one else is affected."

In the video, Dimitrov does a soft shoe routine at a bus stop while a police officer stands and watches for several minutes. During that time, the officer makes no effort to arrest him.

As the bus begins to pull up to the bus stop, the officer waves it down and walks over to apparently speak to the driver.

Dimitrov and two other bus riders walk towards the bus, but the officer pulls his stun gun out and aims it at Dimitrov.

The officer points the stun gun at Dimitrov's head and slowly walks towards him. That's when the situation begins to escalate.

Dimitrov tries to walk towards the bus, the officer tries to block him, and there appears to be some shoving until the cop uses his stun gun on Dimitrov.

Witnesses from across the street shout profanities at the officer.

As Watson gets closer to record the incident, Dimitrov is heard asking the officer several times if he is under arrest while the officer takes him into custody.

The officer doesn't answer the question, but tells Dimitrov: "Put your hands behind your back and stop resisting." One bystander asks if Dimitrov is being arrested, but the officer doesn't answer.

The officer tells Dimitrov he is being detained as another police car pulls up. More angry bystanders start yelling at the police in protest.

A third police officer arrives at the scene.

The first officer tells Dimitrov that he tried to flee the scene. As the drama continues, two more police cars arrive on the scene.

The first officer tells Dimitrov he was "threatening and yelling at people over there."

Dimitrov is then searched by the police, and the video ends.

Some commented on the police department's Facebook page:

There you go, this week you escalated another mental health call into a tazing and arrest though you failed to encounter an actual crime. The video is viral and none of us need to wait for any official word as to what "really" happened. We have eyes and ears. We are still waiting for all the video you promised when you let a 19 year old supposedly shoot himself in the head while his hands were cuffed behind his back. But no one mentions these things in public perhaps out of fear of retaliation. This is why I film every encounter with APD officers, and all citizens should.

You sure showed that guy at the bus stop who was in the middle of the heinous crime of........uuh.....existing? Seriously, what the f*** is wrong with you wackjobs? How do you sleep at night? You want to make the world a better, safer place? Take your sidearms, put them in your mouths and pull the triggers. You pieces of subhuman garbage don't deserve to live – NONE of you do.

Your department seems more like a bag of d***s after viewing a couple of your abusive officers harassing and assaulting a man at a bus stop. I'm not surprised officers get shot in Texas if this is how they act While overseas frequently and as a veteran and an American I'm often ashamed of police that act this way. It is not the same everywhere. My level of police cooperation was just lowered a notch or two.

Sources: KTBC, Austin Police Department/Facebook / Photo credit: Austin Police Department/Facebook

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