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Texas Cop Smashes Car Window After Driver Refuses To Give ID (Video)

A police officer stopped Scott Richardson for allegedly going 50 mph in a 40 mph zone in Addison, Texas, on May 2.

The traffic stop turned into a viral video (below) filmed by Richardson who refused to give his ID to the officer, notes the Houston Chronicle.

Richardson engaged the officer in a lengthy debate over whether or not he was being detained, for what cause, and whether or not breaking the speed limit was a crime, which Richardson insisted it was not.

Houston Chronicle reports the Texas transportation code "allows government to enforce speed limits" and a U.S. Supreme Court case, cited by Richardson as his defense for not providing ID, supports officers requesting ID in cases of probable cause, which would include speeding.

Eventually, the officer smashed Richardson's driver-side window, opened the door, pulled him out of the vehicle and arrested the 49-year-old driver, who was described as part of the "sovereign citizen" movement by

David Margulies, an Addison Police Department spokesman, said, "(Richardson) did not comply with the lawful order from the police officer repeatedly and the officer is permitted to force him to comply," reports Houston Chronicle.

Richardson was charged with several violations including driving a vehicle on an invalid license, expired license plates and not providing a driver's license upon demand to the police officer. Richardson only got a warning for his alleged speeding.

Sources: Houston Chronicle,
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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