Texas Cop Shoots, Kills Unarmed Man Fleeing In Car (Video)


A police dash-cam video (below) of a police officer fatally shooting a man in Brownsville, Texas, on July 17 was released on Sept. 2.

In the video, Officer Rolando Trujilo Jr. pulls over Jose Rodriguez, who was driving an SUV. Jaime Gomez, a passenger, quickly jumps out of the vehicle and runs away.

Trujilo opens the driver's side door, which Rodriguez closes moments later and begins to drive away.

Trujilo fires several shots into the departing SUV, gets into his police cruiser and drives up to where the SUV has stopped.

The Cameron County District Attorney’s Office announced on Sept. 2 that Trujilo was cleared of wrongdoing by a grand jury, notes Action 4 News.

Rodriguez and Gomez were suspected of stealing beer from a convenience store. Trujilo claimed the SUV matched a vehicle description linked to several aggravated robberies

According to KRGV, Trujilo read from a written statement six days after the fatal shooting and claimed in part:

"And then I ordered Rodriguez to get out of the car in Spanish. Rodriguez then looked directly at me and looked directly at my duty weapon. Rodriguez refused and said 'Pues nombre.' Rodriguez with his right hand then quickly opened the center consul of his vehicle.

"Rodriguez placed his hand inside the ... Once Rodriguez placed his hand inside the center consul, my line of sight was completely blocked of Rodriguez’s right hand.

"I immediately unholstered my duty issued 6R P226, and as I was in the process of actively targeting the suspect, Rodriguez then began to pull out an object that was long and gray, that was long and dull gray colored."

Investigators claim the object was a screwdriver.

In the video, Rodriguez closes the door completely, then Trujilo pulls out his gun and fires into the vehicle while Rodriguez drives away.

Gomez was later caught by U.S. border agents and charged with theft.

(Note: Incident begins at 1:20 mark on video)

Sources: Action 4 News, KRGV / Photo credit: Brownsville Police Department Screenshot


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