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Texas Cop Kills Mentally Ill Man Carrying Spoon

A police officer in Texarkana, Texas, reportedly killed a suspected burglar who was armed with a spoon on Monday.

According to KWTX, the Texas Rangers have launched an investigation into the incident, which began when a homeowner called 911 over an alleged break-in.

A police officer arrived at the home, walked into a dimly lit garage and confronted Dennis Grigsby, 35, who came towards the cop with a 7-inch metal object, according to the Texarkana Police Department, noted the Associated Press.

The officer claimed he thought the object was a knife and fatally shot Grigsby. The officer also claimed that Grigsby didn't obey his order to stop.

Grigsby's mother, who lives across the street, said that her son was suffering from mental illness.

Sources: Associated Press, KWTX / Image Credit: Albertyanks Albert Jankowski


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