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Texas Cop Body Slams Girl, 12, On The Floor (Video)

A San Antonio Independent School District police officer was caught on video (below) body slamming a 12-year-old girl on a concrete floor at Rhodes Middle School in San Antonio, Texas, on March 29.

Ghost-O, an alternative news blog that posted the video on YouTube, identifies the officer as Joshua Kehm, and notes that the girl appeared to be knocked unconscious briefly after the body slam, which shocked onlookers.

The officer on the video handcuffs the girl, she stands up and he leads her away.

Gloria Valdez, the girl's mother, said that the officer told her that her daughter “tried” to kick him and believed her daughter was going to start a fight with a fellow student, whom the girl was talking to before being taken down face-first by the cop.

The girl is still suffering headaches, and Valdez is worried the officer may attack her daughter or another student.

Leslie Price, SAISD's executive director of communication, would not confirm the officer's identity, but told the San Antonio Current that the officer was placed on paid leave during an investigation of the incident.

"It’s very very concerning," Price told the San Antonio Current. "We’ve moved quickly to launch a formal investigation both at the police and the administrative level. We need to gather all the details, but also we will not tolerate excessive force in this district."

Price said officials were told that the incident "started with two students being verbally aggressive with each other after school."

Raul Valdez, the girl's father, said that his daughter's friend filmed the video and added: “It hurt me really bad that a grown man could do that to a little girl. I want to confront the officer, but thought it would be better to do everything legally. I want justice for my daughter. These police are getting out of hand. They think they are above the law."

The SAISD website states: "The focus of all officers is to work as a positive influence to children and protect the schools by providing a safe learning environment."

Sources: Ghost-0, San Antonio Independent School District Police Department, San Antonio Current / Photo credit: Ghost-0/YouTube

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