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Texas Cop Arrests Man, Teen For Filming With Cell Phones (Video)

Quintin Long was filming the arrest of an unidentified person with a cell phone when a police officer demanded that he stop or erase the video footage.

The incident happened in Cisco, Texas, reported KRBC.

On the video (below), the officer told Long, "Either give me the phone or delete the video. It's one of the two."

However, federal courts have ruled that it is legal for people to film law enforcement as long as they don't interfere with an officer's duty, noted in 2014.

"Okay, you'll give it to me or I'll arrest you too," the officer told an unidentified 14-year-old boy who was filming the cop and Long.

When the teen refused to give the officer his cell phone, he was arrested, reported Current Counter News, but was able to pass the cell phone off to a woman, possibly his mother, who kept filming.

In response to the incident, the Cisco Police Department said in a statement today:

One of the officers noticed several of the persons on scene were recording events on cell phones and felt compelled to take the phones because he believed that they may contain evidence of interference with public duties of a police officer and resisting arrest.

However, the police officer demanded that the cell phone video be erased, which would have been destruction of evidence. Also, police need a warrant to search a cell phone, noted CNN in 2014. The Cisco police admitted this fact later in their statement.

Sources: KRBC, Current Counter News, CNN
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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