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Texas Constable Tries to Solicit Sex From Undercover Cop in His Own Agency’s Prostitution Sting

Sleeping with the enemy — or trying to — is what landed a Texas law enforcement officer in hot water.

Emmanuel Augustine was netted in his own agency’s prostitution sting when his colleagues arrested him for soliciting the services of a woman who turned out to be an undercover officer.

Augustine, a 29-year-old deputy constable for Harris County, was arrested last week in an unlikely catch for a joint sting operation between the Constable’s Office and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Augustine wasn’t on duty at the time he tried to solicit sex from the woman he believed to be a prostitute, but local news media reported that he was wearing his uniform pants.

Authorities said he offered $10 for the woman's services.

Augustine has been on the force since 2009. His agency, Precinct 4, has placed him on leave without pay as they conduct their investigation.

"Following his identification, the administration was notified and responded to the arrest location. Emmanuel Augustine was placed on immediate administrative suspension without pay pending an investigation into the incident,” Precinct 4 said in a statement.

Soliciting a prostitute is a Class B misdemeanor in Texas, which could mean a fine of $2,000 and/or up to 180 days in jail for Augustine.

Sources: WND, KTRK


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