Texas Christian University Rejects Pro-Gun Flyer, Raffle Attempts From Conservative Student Group


A conservative student group at Texas Christian University is upset after school officials rejected several attempts by the group to advertise for a pro-2nd amendment speech.

The group, a Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter, hosted an event featuring former US Treasurer Bay Buchanon last Wednesday. The group tried to advertise for the event with a flyer featuring an old school shotgun with the words “Fully Loaded” printed below the gun. But when the group submitted the flyer to the school for approval it was rejected. Officials told YAF they could hand the flyer out to students, but they would not be allowed to post it in academic halls or on the school’s event website.

The school also rejected two more proposed promotional ideas from YAF – a raffle for a concealed carry class and a raffle for a shotgun.

Kathleen D’Urso, student and president of TCU’s YAF chapter, recently spoke to members of the media about the school’s decisions.

"I was shocked. It's all about political correctness," she said. “They just shot us down, told us … we can’t do anything with guns whatsoever. Bay’s speech was received really well, she answered a lot of questions about guns on campus and stats.

“…I am frustrated. This event wasn’t supposed to advocate guns on campus, we simply wanted to open up a discussion on Second Amendment rights.”

Dr. Kathy Cavins-Tull, TCU’s vice chancellor for student affairs, spoke to Texas news station KENS-5 recently about the school’s decision.

"We are mindful that we students have a right to gather and dialogue about ideals and beliefs that they support. That is a big part of what being at a University is all about. However, those dialogues and discussions should be managed in a tasteful manner that does not offend or alarm other students, faculty or staff or members of our surrounding community who have differing viewpoints. Producing a poster with a rifle on it and the words 'fully loaded' can certainly cause alarm in today's environment."

Source: KENS-5, Fort Worth Weekly, Daily Caller


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