Man Ordered To Take Down American Flags For Controversial Reason (Photo)


A Denton, Texas, landscaping company has reportedly been told to remove the American flags that are currently on its property.

Frenchy’s, a staple in the Denton community for more than 20 years, proudly flies the American flag at the request of its owner, Vietnam Veteran Andrew “Frenchy” Rheault.

That may come to an end as a complaint has been filed, and a citiation issued, reports WFAA.

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"We got a complaint," explains Lancine Bentley of the city of Denton.

This is the first time in the history of Frenchy’s a complaint has been made against the flags.

"We probably have about 25 flags right now flying," Rheault said. "Never had a problem with it before."

“Our country is extremely divided right now and if there’s one thing that can bring us together it’s the American flag,” said Rheault.

A Denton city ordinance prohibits flying more than one American flag, or any other flags, without a permit. The permit costs $90 and lasts 30 days, and you can only have a permit for a total of 90 days a year.

Given the permit rules, Frenchy’s would not be allowed to fly the flags year-round.

Bentley said the city has to be fair and follow the ordinance. Exceptions cannot be made and other businesses have also been cited.

"If it's something we decided we could do for one individual, that would be definitely selective enforcement," Bentley said. "We would need to do that for everybody."

Rheault does not believe he should have to remove his flags.

“I feel that patriotism is not a part time job and I should be allowed to fly my flags,” said Rheault.

His sentiment is not shared amongst all in the area.

“Frenchy’s constant overuse of the American flag to promote his business annoys me,” CBS DFW reports one man wrote online who claims he’s an Army officer.

Rheault said he does not intend to remove his flags as he sees doing so as unpatriotic, and will fight the citation he received in court.

"It makes you proud. It makes your heart go pitter patter, and that's what it means to me," Rheault said of the flags.

Photo Source:, WikiCommons


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