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Texas Boy Found In Closet Had Meth In His System

Texas Boy Found In Closet Had Meth In His System Promo Image

A 4-year-old Texas boy who was found living inside a closet had meth in his system, said an attorney representing the child's interests.

On Dec. 20, deputies found the young boy inside a closet in a home where someone was reportedly making and selling the drug methamphetamine, according to KTRK.

The young boy is reported to have told investigators he had been locked in the closet and was "not allowed out of it for hours at a time." He is also reported to have called the rats and roaches in the home "his friends."

"The detail on this case is very awful," said the young boy's attorney Ad litem, Rachel Leal-Hudson. "This is a 4-year-old child who has seen things an adult should not have seen."

"He can articulate some things that are really shocking and surprising that tell us he was in there for quite a length of time," Leal-Hudson added. According to reports, it's unclear how long the boy was at the home, and how long he had been forced to stay in the closet.

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The boy also said he was forced to sit at the top of a tall refrigerator as punishment for leaving the closet, and was afraid he would fall asleep and fall off of the fridge.

Police also found a "substantial amount" of marijuana and meth inside of the home, as well as drug and sex paraphernalia just outside of the door to the closet in which the boy had been forced to stay, Crime Online reports. Officers also reported that the home was filled with rat feces and had a foul odor.

A judge granted Child Protective Services temporary custody of the boy as investigators continued to learn more details about the child's horrific living conditions. He has since been placed into temporary foster care.

The boy's mother, April Burrier, was arrested for endangering a child after she arrived at the house. Burrier was not at home when the raid occurred. She told authorities that someone else was supposed to be watching her son, but Burrier was reportedly too high or intoxicated to tell them how to get in contact with that person, or their whereabouts.

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Robert Dehart, the boy's father, went to court to try to regain custody of his son. He said that he left the boy with his mother after Thanksgiving, and had no idea that his living situation would be like it was.

"I just want him back," Dehart said. "I just want to get him back home."

Dehart has a history of prior contact with CPS and drug convictions, and initially refused to take a drug test.

Dehart's custody case will continue after he takes a court-ordered drug test, according to RawStory.

Police are also searching for Daniel Clark Morris III, who is believed to have been making and selling meth out of the home in which the boy had been found.

Sources: KTRK, RawStory, Crime Online / Featured Images: DesolateBunny/Flickr / Embedded Images: Cristian C/Flickr, Jans Canon/Flickr

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