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Texas Is The Only State To Back Trump's Travel Ban

The state of Texas has filed court papers in support of President Donald Trump's travel ban imposed on individuals from seven majority-Muslim countries.

A district court judge ruled the ban was unconstitutional and his decision was upheld by a panel of three judges in a San Francisco appeals court, according to Politico.

A panel of judges from the 9th Circuit is now due to consider the matter.

"Extending ... constitutional rights as envisioned by plaintiffs would have grave implications, such as imposing delay, cost, and risk while courts scrutinize federal officials' concerns with existing procedures for vetting aliens seeking entry into the country. When it comes to deciding the best way to use a sovereign's power over its borders to manage risk, courts have long recognized that the political branches are uniquely well-situated," Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Solicitor General Scott Keller wrote in their brief, according to Politico.

The pair also rejected a comparison between the current situation and a case under former President Barack Obama's administration, when Congress imposed restrictions on the executive to prevent a move to legalize the presence of illegal immigrants.

"While Congress provided these detailed criteria to significantly restrict the executive's ability to unilaterally allow aliens to be lawfully present in the country, Congress simultaneously delegated the Executive broad discretionary authority to exclude aliens from the country," Paxton and Keller added.

The Texas document dismissed one of the main criticisms of Trump's order.

"The Executive Order classifies aliens by nationality, not religion, and plaintiffs' pretext argument is wrong," wrote Paxton and Keller.

This position was rejected by a Virginia district court judge Feb. 13, who issued her own ruling against Trump's travel ban.

Leonie Brinkema noted previous statements made by Trump about targeting Muslims for a ban, including a 2015 comment calling for a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S.," Bloomberg reported.

Brinkema therefore stated that the president's ban discriminated on the basis of religion.

The challenge to Trump's travel ban is being supported by 18 states. Texas is the only one to back the president.

"Plaintiffs' calls for interference with this core Executive power should thus be analyzed with intense skepticism," the Texas brief added, according to Politico.

Legal experts suggest Trump could impose a new order, making clear that the ban does not apply to green card holders, legal permanent residents and those already legally in the country.

Sources: Politico, Bloomberg / Photo credit: Donald Trump/Twitter

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