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Texas Animal Shelter Worker, Billy Stewart, To Serve Jail Time For Animal Abuse

A Texas animal shelter employee has been sentenced to jail time after he was found guilty on multiple counts of animal abuse.

The Memphis Animal Services worker, 29-year-old Billy Stewart, was caught by undercover officers, as he allegedly choked five dogs before euthanizing them, according to

Stewart pleaded not guilty to the charges, but was sentenced after multiple police officers testified against him, saying that he would strangle dogs with a catch pole before eithanizing them.

“These acts are not up for interpretation as to whether or not they constitute animal cruelty,” Memphis Mayor A C Wharton said. “The examples are plain concise and direct, easy enough for a second grader to know that somebody ought to get in trouble.”

The animal shelter is home to other incidents of abuse. Multiple reports of abuse and missing animals prompted the undercover investigations.

Two other workers at the shelter were also charged with animal cruelty and sentenced to jail time in September 2012.

Sources:, The Examiner 


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