Texas A&M Law Professor Calls For Repealing 2nd Amendment

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Texas A&M University law professor Mary Margaret Penrose recently called for a repeal of the Second Amendment while speaking at the University of Connecticut School of Law in Hartford, Conn.

“Unfortunately, drastic times require drastic measures,” Penrose told an audience on Friday. “I think the Second Amendment is misunderstood and I think it’s time today, in our drastic measures, to repeal and replace that Second Amendment.”

“Why do we keep such an allegiance to a constitution that was driven by 18th Century concerns? How many of you recognize that the main concern of the 18th Century was a standing army? That’s what motivated the Second Amendment: fear of a standing army,” said Penrose.

According to CTNewsJunkie.com, Penrose was speaking as part of a panel on gun rights. She suggested that each state pass its own laws regarding guns.

“The beauty of a ‘states’ rights model’ solution is it allows those of you who want to live in a state with strong restrictions to do so and those who want to live in a state with very loose restrictions to do so,” added Penrose.

On TexAgs.com, a message board website for Texas A&M alumni, the response to Penrose has amounted to an attack on her First Amendment rights:

She's entitled to her opinion, but if she is not teaching what she's being paid to teach, she should be fired. Best way to deal with these Libs is to either laugh at them or ignore them. I have a theory that most of them didn't get enough attention as children, so they try to make up for it in adulthood by being obnoxious twits.

Repeal the Second  and the feds really put the kabosh on firearms This is a flaming liberal trying to bait conservatives with the ‘give it to the states’ stance.”

Professor Penrose should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY.

Sources: CTNewsJunkie.com and TexAgs.com


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