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Tex. Neighborhood Traps Deer, Trucks them to Slaughterhouse


In Walden on Lake Conroe, a residential neighborhood in Montgomery, Texas, resident deer are being trapped with nets. Then—according to our complainants—they are being hogtied, stacked on top of one another in trucks, and hauled several hours away to a slaughter plant!

The community did it last year, too, and although it realizes the utter cruelty of this practice, it's doing it again! PETA contacted community officials about this exceedingly cruel deer-management practice in the past, but officials apparently have no intention of stopping the nightmarish program, despite outrage from area residents and knowing that this is simply wrong.

Netting deer and then piling them into trucks for transport is exceptionally cruel. Every minute spent entangled in the netting is a terrifying eternity for these easily frightened prey animals, who often badly injure themselves in futile attempts to escape.

But to subject these wild animals to the horror of being tied, stacked, and transported inside jostling trucks, rife with loud noises and the smell of fear, is unconscionable. For these wild animals, nothing could be less natural—and little could be worse. And the deer who are captured aren't the only victims: Mass killings tear families apart and leave young and weak animals vulnerable to starvation, dehydration, and predators. By no common standards can this be considered humane.

Furthermore, lethal methods don't work to control deer or other wild-animal populations in the long run. As long as the areas of concern remain attractive and accessible to these animals, more will move in from surrounding areas to fill the newly vacant niche.

In addition, an acute reduction in the deer herd will prompt remaining does to breed, causing the population to increase! This community is setting into motion a vicious killing cycle in which countless animals will die needlessly.

Please ask Walden on Lake Conroe officials to halt this inhumane program. Please send polite comments to:

Scott Sustman
The Walden Community Improvement Association
13301 Walden Rd.
Montgomery, TX 77356-5386
936-582-4292 (fax)

Mike Pigliacelli
Vice President
The Walden Community Improvement Association
13301 Walden Rd.
Montgomery, TX 77356-5386
936-582-4292 fax

Mike Meador
Montgomery County, Precinct 1
510 Highway 75 N.
Willis, TX 77378
936-539-7874 (fax)

Colonel Peter Flores
Director of Law Enforcement
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
4200 Smith School Rd.
Austin, TX 78744

Major Rolly Correa
Game Warden, Region 9
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
3615 S. General Bruce Dr.
Temple, TX 76504


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