'Testicle-Eating' Pacu Fish Found In Russian Lagoon


The New York Daily News reports that a testicle-eating fish that was once only native only to South America has just been found in a Russian lagoon.

The omnivorous fish, known as the pacu, is infamous for allegedly mistaking human testicles for tree nuts (a regular part of the fish's diet). Now, shoals of the feared fish have turned up in a lagoon in the Western Russian town of Kaliningrad.

Kaliningrad, which is a landlocked region near to the Baltic Sea, is over 5,000 miles from anywhere these fish could call home in nature. While it remains a mystery how the fish appeared in the lagoon, some local scientists have a theory.

Local marine biologists have decided that it is likely that an aquarium owner dumped these fish in the lagoon after deciding that he or she could no longer care for them.

The pacu, which is a close relative of the piranha, could be extremely disruptive to the local ecosystem, and fishermen are currently doing their best to rid the area of the alien fish.

This scenario is not so different from the one that occurred in New Jersey last September. If you recall, a retired bus driver caught a pacu while fishing in a New Jersey park. Experts believed, similar to the recent occurrence in Russia, that this pacu was released by a fish owner who could no longer look after the exotic creature.


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