Terry Nye Arrested for Firing Warning Shot During Attempted Burglary


In Mesquite, Texas, Terry Nye was arrested for firing a warning shot into the ground of his own backyard, after detecting prowlers, reports Fox News.

Nye's wife, Kay Ward, woke up on Saturday night and heard prowlers trying to break into their home.

Nye told Fox News: "I could see men through the fence and I told them they needed to leave my property and leave me alone."

Nye then shot the gun into the ground to scare the prowlers away. However, a neighbor heard the gun shot and called police.

After chasing the men away, Nye went out front to meet police, who handcuffed him and took the homeowner to jail.

Nye was charged for discharging his weapon in a metropolitan area, but claims he had the right to defend himself: "I take care of my life. I pay my taxes. I own my property and I've earned it. And now I'm facing jail time for not being the victim of a crime and for not hurting anybody."

The Mesquite Police Department, who were not present during the attempted break-in, said in a statement: "The man and his family were in no immediate danger. Firing a warning shot was unnecessary and reckless."

Nye will appear in court next month.


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