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Terry Armstrong Slams Son Lance Armstrong's Oprah Interview

Since Oprah Winfrey’stwo-part interview with Lance Armstrong aired on Thursday and Friday on OWN, a lot of people have been questioning the sincerity of his admissions to the Queen of Talk as well as the accuracy. He claims that since 2005 he has not doped, taken human growth hormones, had blood transfusions or done anything to enhance his performance in competitive cycling. In Friday night’s interview he claimed that he only went back to the sport in 2009 after getting ex-wife Kristin Richard’s blessing. He also admitted that she knew about his doping and gave her blessing on the condition he didn’t repeat that behavior.

However, according to investigators the blood test results tell a different story. THR is reporting that investigators are:

claiming that his blood values in 2009 show evidence of two transfusions. According to ABC News, his red blood cell count went up suddenly twice, while his baby red blood cells did not. Investigators cite this as evidence that he had a transfusion of mature red blood cells; they say he might have lied to protect himself from a criminal investigation.

The Livestrong Foundation which Lance founded in 1997 to give aid to those battling cancer issued a statement after the interview:

“disappointed by the news that Lance Armstrong misled people during and after his cycling career, including us.”

Lance admitted to Oprah that of all the fallout from his doping scandal, having his foundation ask him to consider leaving was the worst aspect.

Celebuzz spoke exclusively with his father, Terry Armstrong – who has been estranged from his adopted son (at the age of 3) since he and Lance’s mother divorced – and says he didn’t see the humble in the first part of the interview but is keeping open-minded:

“I wanted him to answer the facts. He did answer the facts,” he said. “He just didn’t do it the way people wanted him to.

“I think the public is trying to sense how they would do it and it’s hard for a public figure to do that.

“At this stage it’s not him.”

“I want to get it all. I still have to see what the ending is,” he said. “It will be interesting to see how the second part comes across.”

Additionally his father says that the story of Lance and his mom scrounging their entire lives is a huge lie:

“When I heard that I thought of the word ‘spin.’ If someone just looks at the things he was afforded growing up, the conditions he lived in, the houses, that’s not surviving,” Terry said. “He never did without anything, but that doesn’t sell well.

“But Linda and Lance have spun that story for this long. The spin is that they were single and had to scrounge around for money. That’s not true.”

When you hear that coming from the father, it really makes it hard to believe anything Lance says at this point. While his sincerity was questioned and his lack of emotion only fueled that, in the second part he got emotionally only when he spoke of his son and how his son always believed in his father (see the video clip below).

Is it just me or does his attempt to cry even look fake? Maybe he is just one of those people who doesn’t do emotions. What do you think about the whole interview. Please share in the comments.

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