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Too Easy for Terrorists to Get Guns in U.S.

We make it too easy for dangerous people to get guns in this country. Deficiencies in our gun laws, like the terror gap and gun show loophole, allow suspected terrorists to buy guns legally or avoid background checks by purchasing firearms from unlicensed sellers. That’s why reports like this one from CNN International are so worrisome:

In an exclusive interview with CNN, Dr. August Hanning, a former head of Germany’s foreign intelligence service, said intelligence indicated that al Qaeda had already started planning to launch Mumbai-style attacks in the United States.

“We have got information that they have planned or are planning a plot like the Mumbai plot in Europe and the United States,” said Hanning who retired late last year as State Secretary in Germany’s Interior Ministry, one of the country’s most senior counter-terrorism positions.

The revelation is the most concrete indication yet that al Qaeda is planning mass casualty gun attacks on U.S. soil.

Learn more about the terror gap, gun show loophole, and how to get involved with the Brady Campaign.


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