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Terrifying Video Shows Man Shot By Neighbor After Breaking Into His House With Machete (Video)

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Incredible video footage shows an Idaho man breaking into his neighbor’s home in Pocatello, wielding a machete, only to be shot by the neighbor three times.

Twain Thomas, 54, was reportedly threatening residents in his building with a machete, and neighbor James Cvengros heard the incident outside his apartment door. Cvengros grabbed his camera and pressed record.

Once Cvengros’ girlfriend, Kaila Gearhart, began filming, Cvengros opened his door to see what was happening outside. He quickly shut his door when he said he saw Thomas harassing another neighbor. Thomas then reportedly made his way to Cvengros’ door and began slashing at it with the machete while simultaneously kicking it in.

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Cvengros and Gearhart demanded that Thomas stay outside and warned they would shoot him, but he entered the home despite the threats and approached them with the machete. Cvengros then shot Thomas three times.

The video of the incident was played in court during Thomas’ sentencing on Jan. 15. Thomas, who later admitted he was attempting to kill Cvengros and Gearhart, was given a five-year fixed sentence in the state penitentiary, followed by 10 years indeterminate. He was sentenced for aggravated assault and attempted murder in the second degree.

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“If he hadn't been shot at that time, then we would be looking at a murder case, not an attempted murder case,” Cvengros said.

In court, Thomas’ defense fought for a three-year fixed sentence on the grounds that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and had frontal lobe damage to his brain from a car accident. “His fight-or-flight is constantly on overdrive,” neuro-psychologist Mark Corgiat explained.

Thomas apologized in court for what he did, saying the incident was out of character for him. “I have never had anything like this happen before in my life,” he said.

Thomas was also given a no-contact order until 2025, and was ordered to pay a $1,200 fine.

Sources: Local 8 News, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Bannock County Jail/Bannock County Court


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