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Terrifying Moment Documentary Crew Is Attacked By Great White Shark In New Zealand (Video)

A shocking video shows the terrifying moment when a great white shark attacked a film crew just off Stewart Island, New Zealand.

The crew was filming the documentary “Lair of the Megashark,” which aired on the Discovery Channel last year during Shark Week, when they tried to attach a camera on the dorsal fin of the six-meter (about 20 feet) shark who bumped into their tiny boat and bit the rope securing it to the main boat.

According to the Daily Mail, shark experts Jeff Kurr and Andy Casagrande can be seen on the boat panicking as the great white uses its jaws and tail to shake the boat, causing it to sway dangerously.

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"It's a little nerve-wracking being in a boat no bigger than the size of the shark,” a voice can be heard saying. “The shark is actually bigger than our boat.”

"I don't think this is such a brilliant f****** idea you know,” another screamed. “I don’t think we can have a boat in there. I really don’t.”

Footage was posted on the Internet by a group attempting to prohibit shark-diving, claiming that these activities make sharks associate humans and boats with food.

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“We’ve been attacked twice,” fisherman Richard Squires told the New Zealand Herald. “A shark came up and bit a boy on the stern of the vessel, it came charging out of the water with its mouth open.”

He said he also faced two similar attacks and believes that cage diving is making sharks more comfortable around boats.

While the Department of Conservation (DOC) gave permits to two cage diving operators last year, New Zealand Member of Parliament Clayton Mitchell is banning the activity until a comprehensive study is completed.

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But experts believe there is no correlation between cage diving and the rise in great white activity.

DOC director of conservation services, Allan Munn, said it’s “highly unlikely” shark diving would change the behavior of sharks.

Check out the video below:

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror / Photo Credit: Discovery/YouTube


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