Terrifying Footage of Hawaii Plane Crash That Killed Health Director Loretta Fuddy Released (Video)


Brand new footage has just been released showing the moment of impact for a small plane as it plunged into the Hawaiian ocean just last month.

There were nine people on board the small 2002 Cessna Grand Caravan in December when one of the engines failed shortly after taking off. As shown in the video, the plane suddenly crashes into the ocean, and immediately, all the people on board attempt to exit as water rushes into the aircraft.

39-year-old Ferdinand Puentes was one of the nine passengers on board the flight and was able to record the video as the plane landed in the ocean.

"It was as if time stopped and everything you remembered in your past -- loved ones. I didn't say goodbye to them. Your whole life just goes in front of you," said Puentes.

Amazingly, none of the passengers appeared to panic as they exited the small aircraft, and they all held onto the wing in order to stay afloat until rescuers got to them.

Sadly, one passenger was killed in the crash. Hawaii’s state health director Loretta Fuddy, 65, was the only fatality. Fuddy is responsible for making President Obama’s birth certificate public in 2011 when many critics of the president alleged that he wasn’t a United States citizen. It has not yet been determined exactly what caused Fuddy’s death, as other passengers note that she did make it out of the aircraft safely.

Puentes credits the pilot’s smart landing as the reason why he is still alive today.

“The way how he handled the flight and everything, he kept his calm, it's just amazing how he did it," said Puentes. "He is my hero."

Officials are still investigating the crash as well as Fuddy’s death.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Daily News, ABC


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