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Tiger Escapes From Zoo Enclosure, Terrifies Hundreds

A female tiger reportedly managed to break out of her enclosure, terrifying visitors of the Kamla Nehru Zoo in India on Nov. 27.

According to The Free Press Journal, the 15-month-old tigress, named Jamuna, got scared after a young visitor tossed a large balloon into the animal's cage which then popped. 

The Daily Mail, however, reports that a city commissioner said Jamuna grew enraged after a tourist threw gum at her, likely causing the fierce feline to retaliate.

At the time, there were about 60 people in front of the tiger's enclosure -- and over 1,000 visitors at the zoo in total, according to The Free Press Journal.

Police were called, and zoo authorities attempted to evacuate the park. Many visitors sought refuge in the zoo's hospital or its restrooms.

“It was a nightmare," one visitor told The Free Press Journal. "I had to cajole my kids to keep running. They are small and hence got tired. But we had to ensure safety first."

Another visitor expressed anger at how the zoo handled the ordeal.

“I had to run [about a mile] carrying my baby in my arms," she said. "It was dangerous and treacherous. They should have stopped entry at the gate as soon as the incident came to light."

The Daily Mail reports that the tigress roamed the zoo for an hour and a half, before zoo and forest department authorities managed to locate the animal and put her back into a cage.

Zoo manager Uttam Yadav said no one was hurt, but an elderly woman said she had fallen down and was injured while running for safety.

An anonymous source told the Daily Mail that the tiger's enclosure was originally for hyenas, but the animals were removed after repeated escapes.

Not long before this incident, an alligator managed to escape from its enclosure at the same zoo. Prior to that ordeal, a bear got out.

Sources: Daily MailFree Press Journal / Photo Credit: Daily Mail 

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