'One Of The Most Horrific Sex Rings In Memory': Sena Trio Allegedly Filmed Kids Having Sex With A Dog, Among Other Charges


Terrie L. Sena, her ex-husband Christopher Sena and his current wife Deborah Sena were in court on Tuesday facing charges of sexual abuse, incest, bestiality and felony child abuse. The threesome was allegedly at the head of a sex ring involving, among others, their own four children.

Even though they are divorced, Terrie has lived with her ex-husband Christopher and his current wife Deborah in their trailer home since the time of the divorce. The Las Vegas residents have been accused of engaging in sexual acts with eight minors and filming the abuse to produce child pornography. The identified children were part of their immediate or extended family.  While only eight have been named, police believe that there are more victims based on the fact that the abuse has been going on for over 12 years.

Deborah Sena, another adult and a child notified an attorney of the ongoing abuse, leading to a police investigation. During the investigation police reportedly found more than 30 pieces of electronic and recording equipment, including a recording showing two Sena children having sex with a dog.

For obvious reasons, police are calling this "one of the most horrifying sex rings in memory."

While Deborah claims to have left her husband and moved out of his house, both Terrie and Deborah are implicated in the recordings. They face 27 charges, including child abuse and neglect, incest and sexual assault of a minor. Christopher faces 23 of the same charges as well as charges for bestiality. They may face up to life in prison.

Charges related to child pornography are expected to be served in the near future. The trio appeared in Las Vegas Justice Court and all three are being held without bail.

Sources: Daily Mail, Las Vegas Sun News / Photo Source: Daily Mail, Facebook


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