Terri Horman Withdraws Request to See Daughter


The stepmother of missing Oregon boy Kyron Horman has withdrawn her request for visitation with her two-year-old daughter, Kiara.

Terri Horman's attorneys made the move last week after lawyers for her estranged husband Kaine told them that they would face extensive discovery, "multiple depositions" and subpoenas for their client's medical records.

In his motion, Terri's divorce attorney Peter Bunch wrote:

Respondent's decision to defer this matter is in no way an agreement to maintain the status quo with Kiara. Respondent wishes only to act in Kiara's best interest. Respondent does not, and will not, give up her right to seek legal custody and unfettered contact with Kiara. Petitioner's efforts to withhold all parenting time is completely contrary to Kiara's healthy development. However, under all of the circumstances, issues regarding parenting time will need to wait for another day, when additional facts can be obtained and presented.

The judge agreed to dismiss the motion, which means Terri cannot have any contact with her daughter, who is living with Kaine.

Terri was the last person to see Kyron before he disappeared from school on June 4th. There has been no trace of the boy ever since. Although she has not been named as a suspect, the investigation is clearly focusing on her.


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