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Termites Eat Chinese Woman's $65,000 Savings

A woman in China is regretting not putting her life savings into a bank account after $65,000 of it was eaten by termites.

The woman received 400,000 yuan from her children six months ago, and put the money inside a plastic bag. She placed the bag in a wooden drawer, and only discovered the critters had eaten it in April.

In an effort to get some of the money back, she took it to an Agricultural Bank of China in Guangdong Province, where they were able to verify 340,000 yuan.

They had to spend hours scanning and verifying the shredded bills, most had been nibbled and stuck together by termite mucas.

The woman lost 60,000 yuan, which could not be identified. Those notes are now at People's Bank of China for inspection.

Sources: NY Daily News, People Daily


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