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Terminally Ill Mother Jorie Rogers Gets Wish to Celebrate Son's First Birthday

A woman who was told by doctors that she would not live to see her child's second birthday, had the most epic first birthday for her son complete with cake, balloons, clowns and a bouncy castle.

Jorie Rogers was told she would be made infertile by the radiation treatment for her rare cancer which causes tumors all over her body.

Though she was told she was infertile, she got pregnant and gave birth to baby Tristan last year. Despite this miracle, she was told she would not live to see him turn another year older. 

Rogers struggled with many medical bills and didn't know if she would be able to throw the party for her child, but an Illinois charity came in an threw the party for her.

"It's so much more than I could have hoped for. It's amazing," she said.

"It's very special because not only are we celebrating my son's first year and everything that he had to go through to get here, but it's the one birthday that I'll get with him. And we get to celebrate the one year that we had together."

As she prepared for the party, she decided to stop undergoing treatment for her cancer so she could return home and enjoy her final days.

"My cancer has unfortunately progressed to a point where there's really nothing else that we can do. We've pretty much run the gamut and tried everything," she said.

"So we're just going to live out the rest of the days as best we can and be as happy as we can with the time we have left."

Tristan is too young to remember the party, but Rogers made sure to have plenty of photos and videos of the day so he could cherish it when he is older.

"I want him to be able to look back on videos and pictures from today and hear the stories about today, and for him to know how much his mom loved him. And for him to know how hard his mom fought to be here for him," she said.

3 Little Birds 4 Life is the charity that organized the party. They have also helped fix a man's "chemo teeth" and helped a person with brain cancer go to Disney World.



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