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Terminally Ill 14-Year-Old Katelyn Norman Makes a Bucket List, Gets to Go to Prom

One 14-year-old girl diagnosed with terminal bone cancer is living her last days to the fullest, and is checking off one item on her bucket list by attending prom.

Katelyn Norman, of LaFollette, Tenn., has been fighting osteosarcoma for two years. Doctors told her last week that she doesn't have much longer to live, as it has spread to her heart, arteries, pelvis and spine.

Despite the heartbreaking prognosis, Katelyn is planning to smile her way through it and has already created a list of things she wants to do before she passes away.

On Tuesday, she found out that one of her most important items on the list was going to be fulfilled.

She will attend prom, and the dance was even personalized for her. The theme is: "Katie in the Sky with Diamonds." When she goes off into the night all dressed up, 1,000 people are expected to line the streets with candles.

"I'm ecstatic," she said. "I can't wait. I just can't wait to go."

Some other items on her bucket list include a slow dance, learning to drive a car, getting a Marilyn Monroe piercing and spending a day with each of her three siblings.

Her story has gathered nationwide attention after a fundraising page was set up for the family so they could afford to fulfill her last wishes.

"Katelyn has touched so many people and has been an inspiration, she has brought an entire community together. Will you help us fulfill her bucket list?" the page says.

Erica Nelson, her mother, said that they hope they can complete as much as possible.

"I just want to give her what she isn't going to see and just try to fulfill what she wants to do. It's not really much, but it's something to her," she said. "We're very grateful that they're wanting to come help Katelyn. She's touched a lot of people."

A school nurse at Campbell County High School, where Katelyn goes, said she is an extraordinary person.

"[Katelyn] will change your life," she said. "You'll never be the same. She will make an impact on you. She's a jewel. My life will never be the same."

"She's a fighter. She's just very opinionated and very well-spoken, very headstrong, very driven and that's what has gotten her this far."

She said that they are not going to be saddened by the news but instead take it as a chance to cherish their last moments. 

Brandon Huckaby, 16, said that she is always making everyone feel better.

"She's always used her sense of humor and her grab on others to push to make everything better for everyone."

"She doesn't care that she's suffering. She cares that other people are suffering and she wants to stop that," he said.

Though he is upset about losing his friend, he said he is determined to help her complete her list.

"This is happening," he said. "I'm getting this done."

Sources: Daily Mail, Wate

Donate to Katelyn's bucket list here.


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