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Teresa Moses Freed Just 3 Years into 25 Year Stint for Killing Son

A California mother who was sentenced in 2010 to serve 25 years in a state mental hospital for brutally beating and starving her eight-year-old son to death is now free, according to officials.

Teresa Moses, 30, was found not guilty by reason of insanity following the death of her son Raijon Daniels, who was found unconscious by a pool of his own vomit in 2006.

Despite being sentenced to the lengthy term only three years ago, doctors determined Moses does not pose a risk to the general public. She was later released into Contra Costa County’s Forensic Conditional Release Program.

The program will reportedly arrange for her housing and will oversee her continued treatment, according to a report by the Contra Costa Times. If she breaches any of the program’s guidelines she will face a court-ordered return to the hospital.

"How can three years pass and she be OK after the acts that she did? How could someone who put Pine-Sol in a child's food, allow a child to jump from a second-story building, how could they be a model patient?" said Desmond Daniels, the victim’s father.

A timeline of the case details extremely disturbing circumstances that were unearthed by investigators following the discovery of Daniels’ body in 2006.

According to investigators, Moses tortured the boy with household cleaners, high-pressured hoses, and beat her child constantly, leaving him with cuts and purple bruises that resembled “train track” patterns.

Raijon also suffered from ketoacidosis, dangerously high levels of acids that build up in the blood and can lead to diabetic coma or death. Although diabetes is a possible cause, the report suggests that for Raijon, starvation was a more likely culprit.

Sources: Contra Costa Times, UPI


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