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Teresa Marquard Jumps in Front of Car to Save Husband's Life

People often ask their loved ones if they would take a bullet for them. Those who ask this question never think something like that might actually happen, but it did to one Philadelphia couple. Instead of a bullet, though, the wife took on an out-of-control car for her husband.

On Sunday morning, Teresa Marquard, 58, and her husband Albert, were taking their regular morning walk around their neighborhood in Wissinoming, Pa.

Everything was peaceful and normal until a drunk driver lost control of his minivan and swerved over a curb. This led the van to speed directly toward the couple.

There was just enough time for Teresa to push her husband out of the way, but there wasn’t enough time for her to get herself out of the way. She was struck and killed.

“She pushed my dad out of the way,” Denise Hirschman, one of her daughters, said. “She saved my dad. That was what she cared about. She cared about us more than anything.”

Albert was not injured, but the driver, 33-year-old Eric Luciano, is in critical condition at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Authorities said he was drunk when he hit Teresa.

It seems no one is surprised at Teresa’s decision to give up her own life for her loved one.

Jimmy Berry, one of their neighbors, said, “She gave up herself for him. It’s amazing. It goes to show you what kind of woman she was.”

The couple had been together since they were 14 years old, and were married for 42 years.

“She said he was the only one for her,” Monica Marquard, another daughter, said.

After Albert was diagnosed with heart disease 15 years ago, Teresa started working at a family court to help support her family.

“She was a hero. She was amazing. She did so much with not a lot of tools,” Teresa Marquard said.

The family of Luciano claims the incident was a “freak accident.”

A brother of his said, “He’s a working man. He’s an honest person. It’s a freak accident that happened.”

When asked how it could be a freak accident when authorities said he was drunk, he replied, “Everyone has their own thing,” and shut the door.



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