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'That's Awful': Woman Goes To Claim Her Lost Dog, Discovers It Was Euthanized

A Nashville, Tennessee, woman who lost her dog says the pit bull was euthanized by Metro Animal Control before she was able to claim her. 

Janet Mabry told WKRN News recently that she left her dog, Sadie Mae, chained outside last week while she shopped at a nearby store. When she returned 15 minutes later, the dog was reportedly gone.

A rescue group volunteer allegedly found the dog at a Nashville park and took her to Metro Animal Control. Mabry said it was her understanding that when Sadie Mae was found she wasn’t wearing her collar. The dog was not microchipped.

The volunteer took the pit bull to animal control on Sept. 24 -- a Thursday. It wasn't until Sept. 26, a Saturday, that Mabry learned through Facebook where her dog was. 

But by that time Metro Animal Control was closed for the weekend and wouldn’t reopen until Sept. 29.

She told the news station that she was there as soon as they opened, but was told her dog had already been put down. 

Lauren Bluestone, a director with Metro Animal Control, confirmed that the dog had been euthanized. 

“This wasn’t an easy decision for the staff and this certainly isn’t an easy situation for the owner and the family, and we do apologize,” she told WKRN. 

Bluestone said the law was followed in Sadie Mae’s case. 

The local ordinance indicates that “any unlicensed dog that is impounded shall be kept for period of three working days beginning with the date of seizure,” according to WKRN.

Because Sadie had shown signs of aggression with another dog and was deemed “unadoptable,” he was put down, Bluestone said. 

“The dog has gone through our behavioral evaluation and unfortunately the dog did not pass one of the areas,” she added. “In this case, it was fairly severe and therefore euthanasia was the appropriate route.”

Bluestone said lost dog reports are checked before animals are euthanized, and she recommends that owners file a report with the city should their pet become lost. 

Mabry said she doesn’t know what she is going to tell her 6-year-old daughter about the dog. 

“How do you go about telling a child that their dog got put down?” she said. “That’s awful.”

It’s a sad ending to a story that could have had a happy ending like a recent story out of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

WNEP News reported earlier this month that a pit bull had been found chained to a fence with a sign that read, “Free dog, please take" and was reunited with its owners. 

Workers at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter believed the dog had been chained to the fence with no food or water, according to The Dodo. They suspected the dog might have been abandoned but the roughly 3-year-old pit bull showed no signs of abuse. After the dog’s owners saw him in a local news story they were able to retrieve him from the shelter. The family said he had escaped from the house when children in the family opened the door. 

Sources: WKRN News, WNEP News, The Dodo

Photo credit: Submitted photo via WKRN News


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