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Tennessee Teen Beaten In Classroom During School, Ends Up In Hospital (Video)

Ethan Humphrey ended up in a hospital after he was allegedly beaten by a classmate at Millington Central High School in Tennessee last Friday (video below).

The 15-year-old reportedly suffered a broken collar bone and a concussion after the other teen allegedly hit him in the head and body slammed him during class while the teacher was out in the hallway.

Humphrey's mom said that the attacker was upset that Humphrey refused to play football after school last Thursday.

According to his mom, Humphrey allegedly repeated the words of another teen by saying: "My [N-word] has my back" or "My [N-word] hs my back too."

The police were notified, but Humphrey's mom claimed that the officers told her son that he would have to fight back, but the teen didn't want to as he feared being kicked off the football team.

Humphrey's mom told WMC that, after the fight, the school put her injured son in a wheelchair, but never took him to a nurse, did not call an ambulance or give him any medical care.

Because some of the alleged attackers live near the Humphrey's home, the Humphrey family is worried about safety at home and at school.

"I cant go out of my own home," Humphrey's mother added. "Like, I feel like I need to be protected or armed because I ... I just feel unsafe. My kids feel unsafe. My son does not want to go back to school."

Millington's School Superintendent, Dr. David Roper, told WREG off-camera that postings about the incident on Facebook were not accurate, but did not say what the real story was.

Sources: WREG, WMC / Photo credit: WREG Screenshot


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