Tennessee Lawmaker Leaves $0 Tip At Restaurant


A Tennessee State Rep. was called out by her waitress at Hooters for not tipping on her $36.36 bill on March 7.

State Rep. Mary Littleton reportedly wrote "sorry" on her receipt rather than monetary gratuity at a Hooters in downtown Nashville, according to a photo of the receipt posted to Facebook by her server, Amanda Anderson.

"State representatives are supposed to exhibit class and integrity," Anderson wrote. "This one acted like a child."

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The post quickly went viral, prompting Nashville Scene to reach out to Littleton for comment:

Everyone has had a bad experience with service at some point when dining out at a restaurant. It is unfortunate that my private note to the server regarding the quality of service in this instance was made public. Due to the overall experience that evening, I decided not to provide a tip.

In hindsight, rather than writing a note on the receipt, I should have asked for the manager so that I could register my concerns with the quality and promptness of service. As the mother of someone who has been a server, I know that servers have difficult and demanding jobs and, as such, it is has always been especially important to me that I make sure to tip generously when I receive good service.

It was later revealed that fellow Republican State Rep. Tilman Goins of Tennessee was with Littleton at the restaurant, and also left a $0 tip on his bill.

Many Nashville Scene readers expressed mixed opinions on whether Littleton's decision to not leave a tip was justified.

"Calling bulls**t on the "poor service" thing. If you receive poor service and want to make a point about it, you don't write "sorry" on the receipt," one reader commented. "You write, "bad service," "rude," "slow," or whatever. Littleton's excuse makes no sense."

Another reader sided with Littleton, defending her right to not provide a tip because of poor service.

"I'm a liberal, but based on the information here, I'm siding with Littleton. She claims she received poor service and I have no reason at this point to dispute that. Sure, maybe she just should have gone ahead and given the waitress a tip of some amount, but then if her service was really that bad, maybe not," the reader wrote.

"I wasn't there and neither was anyone else who is just reflexively taking the side of the waitress."

In a similar incident in Ohio, a waitress received a bill from a newly-wed wife with no money in the tip line, but rather a note on the bottom that read, "He’s my husband! Find your own! Good luck," KAMP reports.

Sources: Nashville Scene, KAMP / Photo credit: Wikipedia, Nashville Scene

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