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Tennessee Residents Are Furious Over This Business Sign

An adult store in Tennessee has turned a popular children's Halloween rhyme into a parent's nightmare.

Sexy Stuf in Sevierville, Tennessee, is known for posting innuendos on its signs, but the most recent risque message has gone too far, many locals say, according to ABC 6.

"Trick or Treat. Bind her feet. Give her something hard to eat," the sign reads.

Rhonda Mills has a 9-year-old daughter who attends Catlettsburg Elementary School near the store.

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"I don't want the children having to read that," Mills said.

She said that she passes the store with her daughter every day on the way to school.

“I don’t mind the store being there," she explained. "I don’t even mind the big Sexy Stuf sign. It is today’s marquee that has really pushed my buttons."

There is a simple solution, she said.

"Just change the sign," suggested Mills. "Not make it quite so risque."

She is not the only parent who takes issue with the sign. The city of Sevierville has received nearly a dozen complaints about it, although the city's spokesman, Bob Stahlke, said that they cannot take action in this situation, since the sign's content is considered freedom of speech and has not violated any laws or ordinances.

Residents can, however, reach out to the store's manager to request that they remove the inflammatory words, as mother and sexual assault survivor Erica Roberts has done, Local 8 Now reports.

"That opens up the door to have to talk about sex in a different light and I really don't want to have that conversation," said Roberts, explaining why she did not want her children to read the message.

The marquee angers her on multiple levels.

"I take it personal," said Roberts. "I have a personal story with rape and being sexually abused as a child so for someone's sexual fantasy to bind a woman up, that might be their fantasy, but that has been a reality for some people."

She called the sign perverted, violent, and degrading to women.

"They can sell what they want to sell, advertise for it, but there's a line you cross with your phrases," said Roberts.

Sources: ABC 6, Local 8 Now / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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