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In Tennessee, Rape Gets You Probation and Stealing Lawn Equipment Gets You Jail Time

In Clarksville, Tenn., two men charged with very different crimes — one with multiple child rape convictions, and the other convicted of stealing lawn equipment — are receiving very different sentences.

As The Leaf Chronicle recently reported, one man will get no jail time while the other will serve five years in a state prison. If you think you know which crime got which punishment, you should probably think again.

Jorge Soto Gonzalez was recently charged with two counts of rape, rape of a child, two counts of sexual battery and two counts of sexual battery by an authority figure. The charges stem from multiple incidences, including forcing himself on underage girls multiple times in the course of eight years, as well as having sex with 14- and 17-year-old girls.

Gonzalez, 40, was charged along with a woman who police say facilitated the sexual assaults. Recent reports show that Gonzalez entered a best interest plea deal that will only require him to serve a three-year probation sentence while having no contact with the victims. The female facilitator also was sentenced, but received no jail time.

Conversely, a man in the same Tennessee town was sentenced to five years in prison for stealing lawn equipment. David Albritton was charged with three different counts of felony theft for stealing a $1,700 riding lawn mower, a push mower, a couple of bicycles and another $1,000 riding mower from different residents all in the same month.

In the past decade, Albritton has had other theft and burglary convictions, but now he will serve five years in jail for his most recent crimes.

Gonzalez, on the other hand, will not be joining Albritton in jail, even though he was convicted of child rape.


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