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Tennessee Police Using Blood Tests at DUI Checkpoints (Video)

Tennessee police planned DUI checkpoints with mandatory blood draws on Labor Day.

Under Tennessee's “no refusal” law, passed in 2012, police officers can ask all suspected impaired drivers to give a blood test, noted the Associated Press.

Police officers will work with prosecutors to quickly obtain "blood draw warrants" for drivers who refuse blood draws (video below).

Under this law, police officers are also required to take a blood sample from a DUI suspect if they have a previous DUI conviction, are a passenger under the age of 16, or are involved in a crash in which someone else is hurt or killed.

Some predicted that roads in Tennessee would come to a stand-still as people wait to have their blood drawn.

“Any time government is allowed to commit a seizure of your body and withdraw evidence prior to being arrested for a crime opens the door for a lot of issues. This law really opens Pandora’s box on virtually every DUI stop and weakens all of our fundamental freedoms,” defense attorney Gregory P. Isaacs told

Source: and Associated Press


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