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After Unusual Traffic Stop, Tennessee Police Search For Car With Dead Child Inside

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Law enforcement officials in a Tennessee town are on high alert looking for a car possibly containing a dead child in it. According to police, one man admitted that his dead son was in the trunk and he wanted to bury him according to Muslim tradition.

A Millersville police officer pulled over the Saudi driver on Wednesday for a registered violation. When the driver presented his license, he admitted that his dead son was in the truck, though he wouldn’t let the officer see the child. The officer then let the driver go and reported the event to his superiors.

“The new officer didn’t want to interfere with the Muslim burial ceremony,” Millersville Police Chief David Hindman said. “Didn’t want to cause a scene in the midst of a mourning.”

Although Hindman said he would have handled the situation differently, he doesn’t fault the policeman. Hindman also noted that he would have checked the trunk for signs of abuse or foul play.

Mosques in Nashville, Cool Springs and Murfreesboro are now on alert for a late model blue Dodge Charger with temporary tags. Although the driver wasn’t doing anything illegal, and Hindman even contacted a Muslim faith expert who confirmed the validity of the burial ceremony, the police chief said he’d like to see a coroner or police report regarding the child’s death.

Hindman said he will implement a new policy for future cases. The police chief also noted that the rookie cop, who’s been on the force for only five months, is a good cop and that no actions have been taken against him.

Sources: WSMV, WKRN / Photo Credit: WSMV


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