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Tennessee Police Chief Shoots And Kills Partner In Hunting Accident

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The police chief of a small Tennessee town was involved in a hunting accident that left one individual dead. 

Monteagle Police Chief Virgil McNeese inadvertently shot his best friend and hunting partner, Stanley Whitman, while the two were pursuing wild turkey. The 41-year-old Whitman died from his gunshot wound in the hospital a day after the shooting. 

According to WRCB, the incident happened outside the home of local resident Adam Higgins, in a spot known for hunting wild turkeys.

“I was getting ready for work and I heard a gunshot went off. Normally, up here, it wouldn’t be something you’d be concerned about,” Higgins said. 

Whitman's son also accompanied the two on the turkey hunt, and he alerted the authorities after the incident had taken place, Fox News reports. 

"Our hearts are with the families and everyone affected; it was a terrible thing to see," said Higgins. 

It is unclear whether McNeese is going to face criminal charges or be dismissed from the force. Details as to how the police chief actually struck Whitman are still unclear.


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