Tennessee Police Beat Man at Traffic Stop, Video Contradicts Cops' Story


A newly-released police dashcam video shows a Hispanic man being beat by police during a traffic stop on April 13 in Red Bank, Tenn.

The police report stated that Red Bank Police Officer Mark Kaylor pulled over a driver "Mr. Roque," whom he suspected of driving under the influence, reports WDEF. Roque was taken into custody without incident.

A passenger, Candido Medina-Resendiz, tried to get out of the car several times, Officer Kaylor claimed in his report. Officer Kaylor said that he asked Officers Tim Brown and Scott Miller to take Medina-Resendiz into custody.

Officer Kaylor's police report claimed that Medina-Resindez resisted Officers Brown and Miller, so Officer Miller took down Medina-Resendiz whose face struck the pavement.

Medina-Resendiz refused to allow officers to cuff him and tried to bite them, according to Officer Kaylor, who said that he hit Medina-Resendiz in the face. Medina-Resendiz was also tased.

Medina-Resendiz also resisted arrest when he was being taken to a police car, stated the police report, so Officer Kaylor claimed it was necessary to tase him again.

However, the dashcam video (below) shows a different story.

According to RawStory.com, Medina-Resindez was pulled out of the car and thrown to the ground, causing his head to hit the pavement.

The police officers didn't request a Spanish-speaking officer, but yelled orders at Medina-Resendiz in English.

In the video, a police officer grabs Medina-Resendiz by the neck and says that he is going to “f----- kick ass."

Medina-Resendiz is held on the ground while a police officer says, “Shock this motherf-----. We're going to shock your ass!”

Medina-Resendiz screams as he shocked with the Taser.

Officer Kaylor reportedly pulled Medina-Resendiz's hands behind his back, and hit him with his closed fist. That is what caused an orbital fracture to his skull, says Medina-Resendiz's attorney Andrew Free.

An internal affairs investigation cleared all three cops from any wrongdoing back in June.

“The actual blows to the head by Mr. Kaylor are not the result of a failure in communication,” added Free. “Those were the result of a conscience choice by this officer to apply this potentially deadly force to our client’s head. No communication would have justified his decision to do that.”

Medina-Resendiz had to undergo extensive surgery.

Sources: RawStory.com, WDEF (Image Credit: Enoch Lai)


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