Tennessee Parent Arrested After Demanding That School Release His Children (Video)


A father in Cumberland County, Tennessee was arrested after demanding that South Cumberland Elementary School release his two children at the end of the school day. Parents are supposed to wait in a line of cars to retrieve their children, but Jim Howe and fiancée Amanda Long didn’t think it was right that they should wait.

Howe reportedly started to get angry after the school wouldn’t release his children, and the incident was caught on camera by Long.

"I'm going to call some help down here and we're going to take you up to the jail right now. I'm not putting up with this today,” warned Sheriff Deputy and School Resource Officer Avery Aytes. “You're being childish and it's uncalled for.”

"I'm not raising my voice, I'm not confrontational, I want my kids," Howe argued to the officer. Howe wound up being arrested for disorderly conduct, but says that he feels he acted appropriately and is outraged over what happened.

“You don’t need a reason as a parent to go get your children. They are our children,” said Howe.

A policy was just enacted the week prior to the incident that required parents to wait in a long line of cars in order to pick their children up at the end of the day.

Schools officials say that they understand parents’ concerns about the new policy and advise them to voice their concerns with those at the school, not the school resource officer. Cumberland County Sheriff Butch Burgess says that while he understands why Howe was upset over the policy, he agrees with the action that Sheriff Aytes took.

"The resource officers are there to enforce the law," said Burgess.

Watch the video of the incident below.


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